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Who We Are

Gas Combustion has been established in the goldfields for the last 25 years, travelling from Kalgoorlie to far south of Albany, north to Karatha and east to Adelaide and many overseas countries.

We have an advanced understanding of all things gas and oil and a very highly motivated team.

What We Do

Repair – Maintenance – Installations
Gas & Oil Fired Equipment

Specialising in

  • Low and high pressure gas pipe work (natural gas and LPG)
  • Gas appliance commissioning
  • Installation of gold room furnaces, elution heaters, carbon kilns, sample ovens, lab furnaces, cremators, bakers ovens, steam boilers, gas fired power generators, super heaters, grain dryers, fire training trailers and any type B gas fired appliance.
  • All commercial gas fired equipment including commercial pizza ovens, brat pans, hot plates, confectionary ovens.
  • Refractory work; Rebuilds on lab furnaces, smelting furnace, calcine ovens

Where We Work

1 Dwyer Street, Boulder WA 6430
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